Duration: 2h
Meeting point: Massimo Theatre
Itinerary: Massimo Theatre, Capo Market, Immacolata Concezione Church, Beati Paoli Square, Cathedral

Price: € 20 per person

Languages available: Italian, English, Spanish

* Entrances are not included
** Children FREE under 12 years old 

This tour is very suitable for whoever wants to plunge in the dense atmosphere charged of colors and sounds of one of the most typical traditional markets of Palermo, The Capo Market. You will be immerged in a world of Arabic sounds and tastes; you will learn the meaning of “abbanniata” that sellers use to attract customers. Each stand with its colorful and scenic products will challenge your photo skills. In the heart of the market we’ll visit the beautiful baroque church of Immacolata Concezione with its mysterious plot of symbols and references that will be unveiled to your eyes. We’ll go on towards Beati Paoli Square where we can talk about this mysterious homonymous brotherhood. The tour will then continues along tight alleys full of surprises until the Cathedral, final glorious step of our excursion.

* This tour is available all days on demand and it could be changed depending on the availability of the sites. Reservation is recommended.

** The tour will be just on foot, therefore is not recommended for people with mobility difficulties.

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 mobile: +39 351 9503207
 mail: infotourpalermo@gmail.com