“Beautiful and great is the city, maximum and beautiful stay, decorated with many elegance that travelers make their way to admire its beauties of nature and art”.

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“Palermo is like an onion, you can find out by removing layer after layer, and it is not said that heart is better than skin, but the novelty taste remains intact. The City is like that. It is made in layers. Every time you peel one another remains to be peeled. You can decide to stop at a certain layer and settle for that. But if you’re the good traveler that I think you are, you have to go forward and try to take off another layer. And you must be the one to do it. Even if peeling an onion make you cry, you can not leave to the others to do it for you. […] They would risk even peel that last thin layer beyond which the onion is not onion anymore. The city is no longer City. Eventually you fall in love with it, or hate it, depending on the adaptability of each one”. (R. Alajmo. “Palermo è una cipolla”)